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Employment Law Solicitors and Employment Tribunals

Employment law attorney

Employment Tribunal litigation may be on the rise, partly due to these tough economic times causing employers to reduce staff numbers with redundancies, say employment law solicitors' groups and recruiting groups.

Employment law attorney

Are you aware as an example, that last year there was over 150,000 claims lodged with the Employment Tribunal? The largest proportion, 35%, was for unfair dismissal or claims relating to equal pay. Interestingly, the amount of claims relating to redundancy was up 43% about the previous several years to almost 11,000. This really is most likely due to additional pressure on employers brought on by the recession, say employment law solicitors.

33% of last year's claims failed to reach no more court proceedings at the Employment Tribunal, often being withdrawn if the employee signed an agreement agreement, which is a settlement from court that employment law solicitors often encourage in order to save costs and time. An additional 32% were settled without the need to go to court through ACAS. Those cases which received a full hearing were only successful 40% of times, underlining the complexity of employment cases and thus, the necessity of hiring well qualified and experienced employment solicitors.

Employment law solicitors' usual advice for employees having a grievance which they are thinking about taking towards the Employment Tribunal is to seek legal services at the earliest opportunity because there are limitations on filing claims: usually 3 months from your last act that you are complaining about, or from your effective date of termination in cases of dismissal.

Post by employmentlawattorney8 (2016-01-25 06:51)

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